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Dedicated Family Law Attorneys in Paramus, NJ Will Handle Your Case and Fight for Your Rights in Your Family Law or Divorce Case in Bergen County and Throughout New Jersey

Are you facing a divorce or thinking about getting divorced? In New Jersey, divorces can be either contested or uncontested. An uncontested divorce is one in which you resolve all of the issues you have with your spouse, such as how assets are to be divided and child custody, visitation, and support obligations. However, in some cases, a divorce that seems like it will be uncontested turns into a contested one. This is why it is so important that you consult with our Paramus divorce lawyers so that we can walk you through what you need to know about New Jersey’s divorce laws. We will also review any proposed agreements that you are offered or are thinking about entering to ensure that your rights are secure and protected. Be sure to do this and speak with our family law attorneys in Paramus, NJ, because the divorce-related decisions you make today can affect you and your family for years to come.

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Understanding New Jersey’s Divorce Laws with Our Paramus Divorce Lawyers

At the Choi Law Firm, our goal is to resolve all of the issues that you and your spouse face so that you can get on with living your best life. We strive to do so as empathetically and compassionately as possible while ensuring that your rights and interests are upheld and maintained. We handle all types of divorce cases – both contested and uncontested – as well as child custody cases, alimony/spousal support issues, and complex and high-net-worth divorces.

For all cases, we offer a free initial consultation. However, some of the more important rules and laws you should be aware of before getting into any legal filings or proceedings are as follows.

  • New Jersey allows no-fault divorces, but are there faults such as adultery, abuse, intoxication, or long-term separation that apply to your case?
  • How long have you been married, and are there any children involved?
  • What are the earning capacities of both parties, and are there any agreements or contracts (such as a pre-or post-nuptial contract) in place?

Seemingly straightforward divorces can quickly turn into hotly contested ones if you are not careful or you face challenges in finding an amicable middle ground with your spouse. While we will work to ensure your rights are safeguarded, we can also help you and your spouse reach a fair settlement in terms of visitation times, child custody, and asset distribution so that you can quickly and quietly wrap up your divorce proceedings in as stress-free a manner as possible.

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Our Paramus Family Law Attorneys in Paramus, NJ Handle Cases When Property Is Not Split 50-50

While New Jersey is an equitable distribution state, the court does not always automatically split a couple’s assets 50-50 after a divorce.

As per the equitable distribution law, (N.J.S.A. 2A: 34-23.1), the court considers many factors before determining a “fair” split between you and your spouse, including:

  • How long the marriage or civil union lasted;
  • The age and physical and emotional state of both parties;
  • The income or assets brought to the marriage or civil union by both parties, as well as their respective earning capacities;
  • The presence or absence of written agreements between the parties;
  • The contribution of both parties toward the education, training, or earning power of the other, as well as factors that may have impacted either party’s career, goals, or overall well-being.

Seek Help with Custody and Visitation with Our Paramus Divorce Lawyers

Paramus Divorce Lawyers

In many cases, decisions pertaining to children are the most challenging aspects of a divorce. How will custody and visitation rights be determined? What about spousal support and child support payments?

The law considers physical/residential custody and legal custody when making such decisions. These factors, in turn, have an important bearing on which parent is able – and perhaps better suited – to care for the child or has legal grounds for more or less parenting time. The wishes of the children involved can also be considered, and grandparents may also request visitation time.

For child support, New Jersey uses a complex set of guidelines that determines support amounts based on the income of both parents, whether they have overnight or 12-hour consecutive shifts, and what kinds of child health insurance costs and daycare expenses may apply to your case.

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Determining fair parenting and visitation splits as well as sufficient and equitable support payments can be difficult to do on your own, so consult with our Paramus divorce lawyers before taking any steps. With years of experience handling family law cases of all types, our family law attorneys in Paramus, NJ are just a call away and we can guide you through New Jersey’s complex and often grueling divorce laws.

Frequently Asked Questions about Divorce and Family Law Cases in Paramus, NJ

How long is the divorce process?

How long your divorce takes will depend on the complexity of your case and how much time you and your spouse need to agree and resolve all of the outstanding issues between you. Most divorces are wrapped up within a year, but if there are hotly contested issues such as child custody, visitation, relocation specifics, or business valuations that need to be handled, the divorce can take more than a year. It is better to be prepared and know what to expect, so speak with our team to learn more about how to file for divorce and what you will need if responding to a divorce filing submitted by your spouse.

How are alimony and spousal maintenance determined?

New Jersey state law uses different types of alimony categories based on the length of your marriage to determine how much and for how long alimony payments need to be made. In most cases, a fixed dollar figure for a fixed number of years is used, but speak with our Paramus divorce lawyers before initiating or responding to divorce proceedings or petitions so that we can professionally handle your case for you to safeguard your rights and best interests.

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