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Divorce Lawyer Bronx NY

Divorce Lawyer Bronx NY

Seasoned Divorce Attorney in Morris County, NJ Advocates for the Interests of Clients in Bergen County, Hudson County, Queens County, Long Island, and Throughout North Jersey and NYC

Unfortunately, many couples come to the realization that their marriage has broken down and that they need to seek a divorce to move on separately. Even when divorce is the right choice for couples, it is still a difficult, stressful, and traumatic experience to end such a close and intimate relationship. In addition, you and your spouse will need to resolve many critical issues, including financial support, splitting your assets, or custody of children that you share. A divorce lawyer in the Bronx, NY can guide you through divorce so that you are on the best path to a bright future in the next chapter of your life. 

You should not have to go through divorce on your own. Contact Choi Law Firm today for a case evaluation to get the advice and advocacy you need from one of the top divorce law firms in Bergen County, Hudson County, Queens County, Long Island, and throughout North Jersey and NYC. Since 2005, we have been advocating for our clients in some of the most complex cases. With our legal team’s 40-plus years of combined experience in your corner, you can rest assured that you are in good hands. 

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Steps in the Process of Pursuing Marital Separation with the Help of a Divorce Lawyer in the Bronx, NY

Filing for divorce involves several important steps, including:

  • You must first establish residency in the state in which you are filing for divorce by having lived in the state for at least one year prior to your divorce
  • You must also establish grounds for divorce, either through one of the fault-based grounds or by seeking a no-fault divorce by showing that you and your spouse have had an irretrievable breakdown of your marriage for at least six months prior to filing for divorce
  • Next, you should attempt to negotiate the terms of your divorce with your spouse, including equitable distribution of marital assets and debts, alimony, or child custody and support; if you can reach a settlement agreement with your spouse, you can pursue a much simpler uncontested divorce
  • To formally file for divorce, you will need to prepare and file a divorce complaint; the specific forms needed by the court will depend on factors such as the length of your marriage and whether you have dependent children 
  • Once you have filed the divorce complaint in court, you must serve a copy of the complaint and the summons on your spouse within 120 days of filing in court; you must retain another individual who is at least 18 years old to personally service the complaint and summons on your spouse
  • If your spouse agrees to the divorce, they can file a form with the court to acknowledge their agreement, or if they file no response your spouse will be considered in default; in either case, your divorce will be considered uncontested
  • If your spouse files an answer disputing anything in your divorce complaint, you must pursue a contested divorce in which you either negotiate or mediate a settlement with your spouse or have the court resolve any disputed issues at a trial

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How Our Divorce Attorney in Morris County, NJ Will Guide You Through the Difficulties of Separating from Your Spouse

If you are considering getting divorced from your spouse or if you and your spouse are already in court, turn to Choi Law Firm for a divorce lawyer in the Bronx, NY who can help you through the complex and emotional process of divorce by:

  • Helping you prepare your personal and financial affairs in anticipation of filing for divorce
  • Explaining your legal rights and options in divorce proceedings so that you have the information you need to make the best decisions for your interests
  • Putting together your divorce complaint or answer, along with other court filings like case information statements
  • Negotiating on your behalf when you and your spouse pursue a settlement agreement to resolve the issues in your divorce
  • Advocating for your interests in court or at trial if necessary to protect your future and the rights and interests of your children or other loved ones

Contact One of the Top Divorce Law Firms for a Confidential Consultation to Discuss Your Legal Rights

Obtaining a divorce is a substantial undertaking that can have significant impacts on your family and your future. You deserve experienced legal representation to ensure that your rights are protected. Contact Choi Law Firm today for an initial case review to speak with a divorce attorney in Morris County, NJ to learn more about the process and to get answers to questions you may have about your legal options. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Divorce in NY/NJ

Do I need a reason to get a divorce?

No. Both New York and New Jersey allow couples to seek a “no-fault” divorce, or a divorce based on the irretrievable breakdown of the marriage or irreconcilable differences between the spouses. Spouses must have had a separation or irretrievable breakdown of their marriage for at least six months before filing for a no-fault divorce. However, spouses still have the option in both states of also seeking a fault-based divorce, or a divorce caused by the misconduct of one of the spouses.

What are the grounds for divorce in New York or New Jersey?

In New Jersey and New York, some of the fault-based grounds for divorce include adultery, extreme physical or mental cruelty, habitual drunkenness/drug use, desertion, and imprisonment/institutionalization.

How long does a divorce take? 

An attorney cannot say with certainty how long any divorce matter might take. The timeline of divorce will often depend on factors such as whether the divorce is being contested, whether the spouses have reached a settlement agreement, and the complexity of the issues that need to be resolved between the spouses, such as equitable distribution, alimony, and child custody. For simple divorces, the process may take as little as three months to complete. However, if the parties are vigorously contesting issues in the divorce or if a trial is needed, the process can take more than a year. 

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