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“I always felt that they were genuinely fighting for me; truly looking out for my best interests.

I am very grateful for Sandra Choi and her team. They were kind, compassionate, thorough and very professional throughout the entire process of my case. I always felt that they were listening to my concerns and interests and provided all the professional advice and answers to my questions that I needed to feel confident about my decisions.”

Highly Rated Attorneys with a Concentration in All Aspects of Estate Planning, Trusts, Family Law, and Commercial Litigation

Meticulous Full-Service Attorneys with Fort Lee and Flushing Offices

Legal problems can be stressful, but with an experienced lawyer on your side, even the most complex concerns can be handled. At the Choi Law Firm, we have 90 years of combined legal experience guiding clients toward successful results throughout New York City and Northern New Jersey.

With offices in both Flushing and Fort Lee, we assist individuals and companies with a concentration in all aspects of family law, commercial litigation, estate planning, and will & trust matters. Whether your marriage is ending, you need help with dispute resolution or you simply need guidance with the administration of an estate, we provide diligent advocacy to protect your rights under the law. Quick action can be the difference between a good outcome and continuing legal troubles, so if you need advice that you can rely on, the Choi Law Firm is here to help you today.

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The Choi Law Firm Assists Clients Facing Legal Challenges in Passaic County, Essex County, and Throughout New York, including Queens County, Nassau County, and NYC

Since 2005, the Choi Law Firm has served as a trusted adviser to a wide range of clients in both New Jersey and New York. From your first meeting at our office, you will understand why so many of the Choi Law Firm’s clients suggest us when people they know need legal help. With ninety years of combined legal experience helping clients resolve even the most complex cases, our firm continues to grow. Our clients feel that they can always rely on us because we provide:

  • Strong Recommendations — We deliver exceptional representation and service to individuals and businesses who have recommended us to others seeking high-level legal support.
  • Active Legal Assistance — No matter what you need, the Choi Law Firm takes a hands-on approach to your legal issue. We answer every question quickly and present a full range of options.
  • Caring Counsel — A successful legal result improves the lives of you and your family. Our goal is to deliver comprehensive representation in a caring environment.

When you have an estate, family law, or commercial litigation matter, get experienced legal help that can protect your interests. Reach out to the Choi Law Firm for a confidential case evaluation to discuss the legal options available to you in your matter. From our offices in Fort Lee and Flushing, we work tirelessly on behalf of individuals, families, and businesses in the North Jersey and NYC areas. 

Dealing With An Estate Planning, Family Law, Or Commercial Litigation Matter In New Jersey Or New York? We Can Help. Just Tell Us About Your Case. Call 201-613-5557 Or Fill Out Our Convenient Online Contact Form.

Types of Matters Our Estate Planning, Trust Litigation, Matrimonial Law, and Business Dispute Law Firm Can Help You With

At the Choi Law Firm, we provide clients with seasoned legal advice and advocacy in legal matters involving:

Get Advice From An Experienced Attorney Serving Clients In New Jersey And New York. All You Have To Do Is Call 201-613-5557 To Receive Your Confidential Case Evaluation.

Why Choose the Choi Law Firm for Your Case?

After you turn to us for help with your trust & estate, family law, or commercial litigation matter, you can expect us to quickly begin investigating your case, develop tailored legal options and solutions, and fight to resolve your situation as efficiently as possible while securing an outcome that is beneficial to your interests. You can expect that our legal team will:

  • Guide you through the estate planning process to help ensure that your wishes are carried out in the future and that you can leave your assets and wealth to your loved ones.
  • Advocate for your interests in estate or trust litigation.
  • Assist you with protecting a vulnerable family member or loved one through special needs planning or guardianships.
  • Fight to secure a fair result in your family law case, including advocating for a fair equitable distribution or alimony order, or pursuing a child custody/support arrangement that preserves your relationship with your child/children and ensures they have the resources they need.
  • Defend your business’s bottom line by working to obtain a favorable result in a commercial litigation dispute as efficiently as possible so that you can get back to running your company. 

If you live in New Jersey or New York and need help with an estate or trust, family law, or commercial litigation case, the lawyers at the Choi Law Firm can provide you with the legal representation you need to pursue a favorable outcome. Contact us today for a confidential consultation.

Frequently Asked Questions about Estate & Trust Planning, Family Law, and Commercial Litigation

When should I consider drawing up an estate plan?

Although every person’s situation is different, most people should think about putting together an estate plan. You can never anticipate the unexpected. You should consider ensuring that your loved ones know your wishes and that your family members are provided for. While everyone can benefit from having a will, living will, and health care proxy/advance medical directive, estate planning is extremely important for people who have children or substantial assets like property, investments, or retirement accounts.

How can a family law attorney help me?

While you might be considering handling your family law matter on your own without the assistance of legal counsel, the benefit of having an experienced attorney in your corner is immense. Because they involve the people and things closest to us, family law matters and disputes can often make it hard to think clearly or make reasoned decisions. Having a seasoned lawyer looking out for your interests can help by offering you a neutral perspective based on experience handling situations similar to yours. A good family law attorney can make a difference in the outcome of your case and the time and money you spend on the matter.

Do I need an attorney for a commercial litigation matter?

Having legal counsel when you find yourself facing or in the middle of commercial litigation can provide you with several important benefits. A commercial litigation attorney can help you identify records to preserve and respond to requests for information, which can protect your rights and help you avoid additional liability. Perhaps more important, engaging a commercial litigation attorney as early as possible in the process can potentially save you time and money by resolving a business dispute before it ends up in litigation in court.

Contact the Choi Law Firm for a Case Evaluation to Discuss How We Can Assist You in Protecting Your Rights and Interests

If you need help with an estate/trust, family law, or business dispute matter, turn to the experienced legal team at the Choi Law Firm. Reach out to us for an initial consultation to learn more about our estate planning, trust litigation, matrimonial law, and business dispute law firm serving clients in Passaic County, Essex County, and throughout New York, including Queens County, Nassau County, and NYC.

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