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  • How an Estate Planning Attorney Can Help

    September 12, 2022

    If you decide to prepare an estate plan, it is critical that you work with an estate planning attorney to ensure that your plan is enforceable and is targeted to fulfilling your goals and wishes for the disposition of your assets. Documents Included in Estate Plans Documents that are frequently included in estate plans include: […]

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  • Estate Planning Checklist

    September 09, 2022

    An estate plan is the most effective way to protect your wealth and pass it on to your loved ones or to others after you are gone. After you have completed your initial estate plan, it is advised that you review your estate planning documents at least every five years and after any significant personal […]

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  • What Is the Difference Between an Administrator and an Executor?

    August 28, 2022

    Administrators and executors of the estate, assets, or trust of a decedent (i.e., a deceased person) have the same responsibilities with regard to the will, trust, or estate that they are responsible for. The principal distinction between the two is how the administrator or executor is appointed. There are advantages to utilizing an executor instead […]

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  • What Expenses Can a Special Needs Trust Cover?

    July 14, 2022

    Trusts are an essential component of estate planning for people who have unique requirements for their care. Trusts for people with special needs are another name for them occasionally. They provide families with a method that is safe, secure, and protected to assure the long-term care as well as the financial well-being of their children […]

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  • What Options Are Available to the Executor if There is No Will?

    June 30, 2022

    The process of putting together an estate plan should always begin with the drafting of a will. Not only will this legal document protect you, but it will also protect your spouse, your children, and any other beneficiaries that you identify in it. If you have a will, it makes it far more difficult for […]

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  • Don’t Stress, Your Divorce Doesn’t Mean Failure

    May 16, 2022

    No one enters into a marriage with the mindset that it will eventually end in divorce. It is not an easy decision to make to move forward with a divorce or separation. Following unsuccessful attempts to work out disagreements, it’s usually the last resort for many couples. This prompted us to consider how common an […]

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