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New Jersey Estate Litigation Lawyers

Experienced Estate Litigation Attorneys in Bergen County, NJ Defend Clients’ Rights and Interests in Passaic County, Essex County, and Throughout New York, including Queens County, Nassau County, and NYC

When a family member passes away, it can be very hard for other family members to agree on how the person’s estate should be handled. Families will often fight hard for their rights and for their loved ones’ wishes. When you are in the middle of an estate dispute, you need experienced legal guidance to help you solve the problem as quickly as possible while looking out for your rights and the rights of your loved ones. The experienced New Jersey estate litigation lawyers at the Choi Law Firm can provide the legal counsel you are looking for. 

Don’t leave the outcome of your case to chance. Get help from an experienced estate litigation law firm that advocates for clients in Bergen County, Passaic County, Essex County, and throughout New York, including Queens County, Nassau County, and NYC. Reach out to Choi Law Firm for an initial case evaluation to learn more about your legal options. 

The Qualified New Jersey Estate Litigation Lawyers at the Choi Law Firm Represent Clients in a Wide Range of Estate Disputes

The experienced New Jersey estate litigation lawyers at the Choi Law Firm can help you protect your rights, interests, and obligations when you’re in the middle of a dispute or lawsuit about:

  • Will contests A will contest is an objection to the validity of a will, filed by a purported heir or beneficiary of an estate, which alleges that the will does not reflect the intent of the decedent (because the decedent withdrew the will or made a new will during their lifetime) or that the will was made while the decedent lacked testamentary capacity. 
  • Estate expenses – Heirs or beneficiaries of an estate may sometimes file litigation to challenge the estate administration expenses incurred by an administrator or executor, including the fees collected by the administrator or executor themselves or estate funds spent to hire attorneys, accountants, financial advisors, or other professionals. 
  • Administration of the decedent’s estate, including operation of estate assets – Challenges may also be raised against decisions made by the administrator or executor, including with respect to the operation of assets belonging to the estate such as commercial/income property. 
  • Estate accounting – Beneficiaries or heirs may also lodge objections to an accounting filed by an administrator or executor, arguing that there are errors or discrepancies or alleging that the accounting reflects misconduct by the administrator/executor.
  • Challenges to the appointment of an executor/administrator, or petitioning for the replacement of an administrator/executor – Beneficiaries or heirs may also file suit to contest the appointment of an executor appointed by a will or an administrator, or petition to remove an executor or administrator, on grounds that the executor or administrator has a conflict of interest or is otherwise unfit to serve.
  • Determination of bequests or inheritances – Beneficiaries/heirs or administrators/executors may file a petition with the court to determine what inheritance a beneficiary or heir is entitled to, especially if the terms of a will are not clear. Beneficiaries/heirs may also file litigation to demand certain pieces of property in an estate that have sentimental or unique value, such as jewelry, art, or antique furniture
  • Winding up of the estate – Beneficiaries and heirs who believe that an administrator/executor is taking too long to administer an estate may file suit to force the winding of the estate so that they can receive their inheritances. 

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Why Choose Our New Jersey Estate Litigation Lawyers to Represent You in Your Case?

New Jersey Estate Litigation Lawyers

When your rights are on the line in estate litigation, you need experienced legal representation to look out for your interests. Let our estate litigation attorneys in Bergen County, NJ go to work advocating for you in your legal dispute by:

  • Thoroughly reviewing the facts and circumstances of your case to evaluate your legal options and prepare a tailored legal strategy to pursue the results you want
  • Providing frequent communication and prompt responses to your calls and emails to answer your questions as they come up and to keep you updated on the status of your case
  • Negotiating on your behalf to try to resolve the legal dispute without the need for the time and expense of court litigation
  • Advocating on your behalf in court for your rights and interests

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Contact Our Estate Litigation Attorneys in Bergen County, NJ for a Confidential Consultation to Discuss How We Can Help You Through Your Estate Dispute

If you think you might have to go to court over an estate dispute or are already there because of one, you can count on our estate litigation attorneys in Bergen County, NJ for the experienced legal help you need. Contact the Choi Law Firm today for a case review to discuss how our firm can help you pursue the best possible outcome for you and your interests in your estate litigation matter. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Estate Litigation in New Jersey

How can an estate litigation attorney help?

If you are thinking about estate litigation or are already in the middle of it, a lawyer can assist you by helping you collect and store potentially relevant evidence, responding to requests for information from the other side, and negotiating on your behalf to try to avoid the time and cost of going to court and trial by settling the dispute. If your case does end up in court or at trial, an estate litigation attorney will have the experience to advocate for your interests and try to win a favorable outcome for you.

Who is entitled to file estate litigation?

Estate litigation may be filed at any point during the administration of the estate by any party who asserts a claim to the assets of the estate. This may include an alleged creditor of the decedent, a party who has rendered services to the estate, or a purported beneficiary under the decedent’s will or state intestacy law. Estate litigation might also be filed by the executor or administrator of the estate to obtain a ruling from the court regarding the executor’s/administrator’s obligations, such as how much the executor/administrator can compensate themselves for the services to the estate, or whether they should pay out a claim made on the estate.

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