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New York Will Lawyers

Our Trust Attorneys in Queens County, NY Proficiently Handle Family Law Issues, Probate Cases, and Wills and Trusts in Nassau County and Throughout New York City

Having a professionally drafted will and creating a trust for your children or other loved ones are important parts of smart estate planning. They are particularly important if you have considerable assets and want to ensure a smooth transition of the ownership or caretaking responsibilities of specific assets to specific individuals or entities in the event of your death or incapacitation. Doing all of this and writing a precise and legally sound will—one that is financially sound and has the best interests of your beneficiaries at heart as well—requires a deep understanding of family and probate law. Contact the experienced New York will lawyers at the Choi Law Firm today for a confidential consultation with our qualified trust attorneys in Queens County, NY. We represent clients throughout Nassau County, Queens County, and NYC.

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The New York Will Lawyers at The Choi Law Firm Can Help You With All of the Steps Involved in Drafting, Writing, and Forming a Legally Binding Will and Trust

You must pay meticulous attention to details to ensure that your will, trust, and financial plan for your beneficiaries cover everything important to you and them. With sound legal advice, assistance, and guidance from our New York will lawyers, we will help you achieve a successful outcome for your will, trust, and family estate planning in New York.

Drafting a Will

To draft a will, you must be at least 18 years old and have the ability to understand the types of assets you have, their value, and the consequences of writing a will. The will also says who you are and names the person or group who will make sure your wishes are carried out. It also names your beneficiaries and what they will get. Once written, you must date and sign your will. Your signature must be witnessed by at least two individuals.

Setting up a Trust

To set up a trust, you must draft a trust document that identifies who you are, the property you want to include in the trust, the trustees that will manage the assets of the trust, the beneficiaries of the trust, and any terms pertaining to the payout of funds, income, or property from the trust to the beneficiaries.

When you sign a trust document, your signature should be witnessed by at least two people. Alternatively, it can be notarized. You can also have a bank account set up for the beneficiaries so that funds from the trust can be deposited in the names of the trustees.

How Our New York Will Lawyers Can Help

New York Will Lawyers

As mentioned above, it is important to have a skilled legal professional handle your will and trust needs because even the smallest oversights, inclusions, exclusions, or errors of other kinds such as typos and incorrect interpretation of the law can lead to serious issues after-the-fact. Your beneficiaries may end up disputing with each other instead of benefitting from the will or trust that you set up for their benefit, and these types of issues can take years and a considerable amount of money to resolve.

You must select seasoned New York will lawyers for your will and trust needs. Our trust attorneys in Queens County, NY will:

  • Help you choose the best structure for your trust, based on your estate planning goals;
  • Make sure you avoid acts or provisions in your will or trust that are against the law;
  • Oversee the process of drafting, writing, signing, and finalizing the will or trust document so that it will be legally binding and enforceable by law;
  • Guide you through everything you need to know about the process, from your legal rights and options to potential issues and corner cases that you may not have known about or even considered;
  • Provide you with ongoing support even after your will or trust has been drafted or created, which includes regular reviews of your will, trust, and estate plan to make sure that they still comply with all applicable laws and accurately reflect your wishes.

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Contact The Choi Law Firm Today to Speak with Our Experienced Trust Attorneys in Queens County, NY

To make sure that you draft a will and create a trust and/or estate plan that is optimized for your needs, wishes, and those of your beneficiaries and loved ones, speak with our New York will lawyers. We will provide you with a confidential case review so that you know where things stand and what you must do to ensure the future financial well-being of your family.

New York Will Lawyers Answer Frequently Asked Questions About Drafting Wills and Trusts in New York

Do I need to write a will or set up a trust?

There are many benefits to writing your will and setting up a trust. Even if you do not have considerable assets or holdings, having a written will and a legally binding trust in place can help your beneficiaries in numerous ways. You never know when you may die, and incapacitating accidents can also lead to issues with handling and managing your estate. For elderly people, it is also advisable to have a will so that your loved ones know and can clearly follow your wishes once you pass away. When it comes to trusts, setting one up is a great way to ensure sound financial planning and behavior by your children or others whom you want to include in the trust, especially since provisions for receiving payouts can be included in the trust.

To learn more about the kind of structure, setup, and considerations you need to know about when it comes to wills and trusts, contact our New York will lawyers today.

Can I contest a will or trust?

Having a professionally drafted, written, signed, and witnessed will and setting up a trust in accordance with all applicable laws are important parts of smart family law and estate planning. You can only contest a will or trust if you have sound legal grounds for doing so. Examples include someone who was coerced or forced to write a will or set up a trust in a certain way, someone who included assets or properties that were not theirs in a will or trust, and the existence of other agreements or contracts that may supersede a will or trust. Our trust attorneys in Queens County, NY can help you draft a will and create a trust to avoid such issues and can help you contest a will or trust if there are grounds for doing so.

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