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New York Divorce Lawyers

The Choi Law Firm’s Experienced Family Law Attorneys in Queens County, NY Provide Legal Counsel and Representation for Family Law and Divorce Cases in Nassau County and Throughout New York City

Getting divorced is never easy. However, unless you properly manage all divorce-related legal matters at the right time and in the right way, issues and oversights can creep up later – potentially causing major issues after-the-fact. From child custody arrangements and alimony payments to restraining orders, domestic violence, future payments for education and healthcare, and more, the New York divorce lawyers at the Choi Law Firm can help you navigate the complexities of New York’s divorce laws so that you can start afresh and get on with your life as peacefully and happily as possible.

Common Family Law Matters Faced by Families in New York that Our Family Law Attorneys in Queens County, NY Can Assist With

New York Divorce Lawyers

At the Choi Law Firm, our experienced family law attorneys in Queens County, NY can help you with divorce-related issues and challenges that involve the following.


This includes everything from serving papers to a spouse, responding to a notice of divorce from your spouse, getting your affairs in order, and resolving issues as amicably as possible outside the court. However, rest assured that we will fight for your rights in courtroom proceedings as well, if needed.

Child Custody

Child custody matters are some of the most sensitive and heartbreaking realities of any divorce case. Our team will help you and your spouse work toward a fair and acceptable arrangement, one that takes into account physical and/or legal custody, parenting schedules, amending or enforcing existing orders, and disputes regarding decisions such as further education or healthcare.

Child Support

There are no fixed rules or payment schedules for child support, which makes reaching a fair figure for child support payments such a contentious part of any divorce. While New York State’s child support standards chart provides approximations of what child support payments may be, any rulings must include considerations for the Family Court Act, which covers everything from the personal well-being of the parent or caretaker to their financial standing, the age of the children, and their caretaking needs.

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Calculating alimony is similar to calculating child support. A lot of it comes down to the determination of the court. For alimony, some of the factors that come into play include the length of the marriage that is being terminated; the earning capacity, age, and health of each person; whether one spouse contributed to or sacrificed for the education, training, or career of the other; and how any shared assets are being divided.

The Equitable Distribution of Property

In New York, marital assets must be equitably distributed in a divorce. This does not necessarily mean all assets are split 50-50; the court or your New York divorce lawyers will review your circumstances, income, and economic situation to determine a fair split for both parties. 

Domestic Violence and Related Crimes

Our family law attorneys in Queens County, NY will also help you in cases involving civil domestic violence, restraining orders, abuse, threatening behavior, and even cases involving fraud, adultery, and other actions that can have an impact on your divorce proceedings and/or your post-divorce life.

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How the Choi Law Firm’s New York Divorce Lawyers Strive to Amicably and Fairly Resolve Disputes

At the Choi Law Firm, our New York divorce lawyers have represented countless husbands and wives so that they could focus on their well-being and that of their families during and after a divorce. By leaving the professional handling of their legal needs to our family law attorneys in Queens County, NY, you can quickly and discreetly seek a fair and prompt resolution to the family law matters you face irrespective of how contentious or difficult the situation may be.

We provide services that cover every legal need you or your family may have, and we focus on the safety, preferences, routines, well-being, and overall needs of you and your family when outlining a legal strategy for you. We will take every legal action available to you to preserve a solid parent-child relationship, a fair split of assets, custody, parenting, and decision-making terms that are favorable to you. Just give us a call for assistance with these and related matters so that we can do the heavy legal lifting on your behalf and you can focus on moving forward in life.

New York Divorce Lawyers Answer Frequently Asked Questions About Family Law Legal Services

Why should I choose your New York divorce lawyers?

Family law matters can arise out of nowhere and they can last a lifetime if not properly handled. If you are seeking or being served with a divorce or need to resolve issues pertaining to alimony or child custody, we are here to help. We will review the case facts, conduct an independent investigation if necessary, and determine the laws that apply to your case so that we can devise the optimum legal strategy for you. We will also help you with gathering evidence and documents and negotiating with other parties such as your spouse, partner, or ex, and will file complaints, petitions, or motions as necessary and advocate on your behalf in court to ensure the best possible result for you and your loved ones.

Do I need a family law attorney? Can’t I prepare my own documents for my divorce or family law case?

You should speak with our family law attorneys in Queens County, NY as soon as you are considering a divorce or believe a family member is considering a divorce. The same applies to if you or they are thinking about other types of legal action that may involve child custody, child support, alimony, restraining orders, or otherwise. Speak with our New York divorce lawyers so that we can collect the evidence and determine the right legal strategy you should take. This applies to both contentious as well as non-contentious divorce cases.

Regarding agreements, any agreements you write or enter into with a partner, co-parent, separated ex, or former spouse will only be enforceable by law if they are filed in court. This applies to financial agreements, co-parenting decisions, child custody, and child visitation schedules. This makes it that much more important for you to work with a family law attorney that understands the complex aspects of family law agreements. Our family law attorneys in Queens County, NY can represent you in court and make sure that any agreements between you and your ex are enforceable by law.

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I am very grateful for Sandra Choi and her team. They were kind, compassionate, thorough and very professional throughout the entire process of my case. I always felt that they were listening to my concerns and interests and provided all the professional advice and answers to my questions that I needed to feel confident about my decisions.”

“One of the best things about Ms. Choi is that she is caring and listens carefully to understand your situation."

Sandra Choi is attentive, kind, thoughtful, and professional. She was thorough and well-prepared throughout my case, and I was impressed by her honesty and work ethic. Ms. Choi and her team were helpful and responsive to my questions and concerns, and she certainly exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend Ms. Choi and her team.

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