최변호사님께서 정말 저희 케이스를 깔끔하게 잘 처리해주셔서 정말 큰 도움이 되었습니다. 짧은 준비기간이라도 충분한 대화를 통해서 케이스를 아무런 탈 없이 깔끔하게 정리해주시는 부분이.그 어떤 분들이라도 케이스를 요청하는상황에서는 최고이지 않을까합니다. 정말 감사합니다~.


너무 친절하고 성의를 다해주시는게 느껴져 감사해요. 믿고 맡기시면 후회할일 없어요.. 제 케이스 너무 만족 합니다 감사합니다.


의뢰인의 최상의 이익을 위해 열씸을 다해 주시는 변호사님이라 생각합니다 . 사건정리 판단이 빠르시고 불필요한 논쟁을 만들지 않아서 빨리 합의가 됬습니다. 사람들은 자기일이 아니면 , 왜그렇게 하지 나라면 저렇게 안할텐데 라고 쉽게 말을 하지만, 정작 당사자가 되면, 우왕좌왕하게 되고 감정과 이성의 한계가 무너집니다. 이럴때, 감정적으로 이입을 해주시면서도 냉정함과 정확한 가이드로 일을 스무스하게 해결할수 있게 해주셨습니다.


I am an expert in architecture and structural engineering and Ms. Choi handled our arbitration case extremely professionally and she made sure she understood all the aspects of the case including construction related issues that, in my experience, most attorneys do not completely understand. I would highly recommend her services.


The night before the closing I wound up in the hospital Sandra Choi came to the hospital with concern for me and cheerfulness and took care of all the documentation.It was a pleasure working with her firm and I unhesitatingly recommend her firm


Ms. Choi is a consummate professional who is very knowledgeable and experienced. From client care to her presentations in the court rooms, in all facets of legal practice, she is well prepared and thorough. I would highly recommend her as an attorney.


Ms. Sandra Choi recently represented me in litigation over the settlement of an estate. The case was long and arduous. During the process her style embodied the total professional, yet, she also displayed a genuine concern for her client . Ms. Choi extensively researched the applicable case law and was a tough negotiator. She wasContinue reading “Anonymous”


Highly recommend Ms. Sandra Choi when it comes to litigation and matrimonial! She’s not afraid to fight for her clients’ rights.


There are no words to describe the gratitude I have for Sandra Choi and her staff. Ms. Choi’s work ethics and professionalism is far beyond any other attorneys I have dealt with. I was very impressed with the attention and all the research she put into my case. If I’m ever in need of anContinue reading “Anonymous”


Ms. Sandra Choi was very diligent and hardworking throughout my case and I was impressed by her work ethic and honesty. She was attentive to my legal information needs and very quick to respond to my inquiries and provided solid advice. I highly recommend her and her team!

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